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Mutual Fund



​​​ Summary Prospectus Statutory Prospectus Statement of Additional Information Annual Report Semiannual Report Proxy Voting Policy Fact Sheet​​
Rainier Funds ​ ​
Original Shares ​
Large Cap Equity Fund
Mid Cap Equity Fund​
Small/Mid Cap Equity Fund ​​
​Institutional Shares ​
Large Cap Equity Fund
Mid Cap Equity Fund
Small/Mid Cap Equity Fund

 *Proxy Voting Records are available upon request by calling 1.800.280.6111.


Mutual Fund Application (Non IRA)
Transfer Form
Redemption Form
Updated Authorized Signers Template
Updated/Change Bank Account Information
Change of Address
Change Account Registration
Combined IRA Application
Purchase Instructions - please contact US Bancorp Fund Services 1.800.248.6314