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Special Reports

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Andy Hagans sits down for an interview with Henrik Strabo, a portfolio manager at Rainier Investment Management.  Fund Reference editor in chief Andy Hagans recently interviewed Henrik Strabo, head of international investments at Rainier. The interview was completed over email, in May and June of this year. Read More.
Mark Dawson, CIO of Rainier Investment Management talks with Gregg Greenberg at about his views on the market, and VISA, Delta, and VF Corporation.

Jim, Margard, Principal and Team Lead of the Rainier Small/Mid Cap and Mid Cap Funds discusses his positive outlook for equity markets in 2015 and how investors can position themselves to take advantage of equity growth.

Interviewed: October 31, 2014
Jim Margard, Principal and Team Lead of the Rainier Small/Mid Cap and Mid Cap Funds, has been managing portfolios for over 25 years. On October 31, 2014, Jim discussed his views with Reuters on small/mid cap stocks and how the markets overall are still trading at discounts to historic P/E's.  
Published: Q1 2013
As growth rates for economies around the world continue to outpace the U.S. economy, the Rainier international equity team follows a disciplined process to uncover small cap companies that are undergoing positive fundamental changes that they believe will lead to long-term earnings growth.




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