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Strategies Overview

Rainier Investment Management, LLC is an institutional investment manager headquartered in Seattle, Washington.  In addition to serving large institutional clients, Rainier's strategies are also available to financial advisors and individual investors through the Rainier Funds' family of mutual funds. These Funds span the market capitalization spectrum, and include both equity and fixed income portfolios.
For more information about a specific strategy including performance, characteristics and commentary, please select a strategy name on the right.
To learn more about how to invest with Rainier or request specific information regarding the strategies, see the How To Invest or Contact Us pages.

Available Investment Vehicles

Large Cap Equity Fund Mid Cap Equity Fund Small/Mid Cap Equity Fund
Mutual Fund -   Original Shares
Mutual Fund - Institutional Shares
Mutual Fund -
A Shares
While the Original and Institutional class shares are no-load, management fees and other expenses still apply.   
Mutual fund investing involves risk.   Principal loss is possible.
The Fund’s investment objectives, risk, charges and expenses must be considered carefully before investing.   The statutory and summary prospectus contain this and other important information about the investment company, and may be obtained by calling 800-248-6314 or by clicking here.   Please read carefully before investing.
Rainier Funds are distributed by Quasar Distributors, LLC.